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Why iTEK Scan Again

“iTEK Scan Again worked with Epson to customize all new cables, which saved us at least $40k, since we didn’t have to replace all the old cash drawers. That was a huge advantage to this whole deal – we appreciate working with companies that provide customization and support that add tangible value to our investment.”

Vice President, Information Technology and Systems, Major Canadian Retailer, 2011

Why Choose iTEK Scan Again

Some of the most difficult to track, yet potentially some of the most significant costs, are the soft costs associated with device failure. By exploring innovative ways of extending the life of wireless barcode scanners for our clients, our workplace evaluation and improved service levels make iTEK Scan Again a leader on the repair of wireless barcode scanners. What differentiates iTEK Scan Again from other companies which offer repair service in the current marketplace?


Innovative Solutions
Our highly qualified technical group, which includes electronic engineers, plus our extensive parts management program™ enables iTEK Scan Again to have unmatched inventory of parts to perform repairs. We carry thousands of different parts for various OEM models. We have contacts worldwide for parts manufacturing as required.


Outstanding Service
We offer fast turnaround, reliable and resourceful repair services. We have comprehensive service options and customized service option packages, to meet any requirement or budget.
Believe it, because our customers say so.


100% of devices are QC inspected

Each piece of equipment received at either repair center is controlled using our SOP (standard operating procedures). Each phase of this process is essential to providing the very best quality to our customers. We understand that downtime means lost revenue. We work with OEM service centers to offer technical expertise through OEM extended warrantee programs. That is why we provide quick turnaround time and highest quality of workmanship on all equipment sent to our repair centers.

Professional and Highly Experienced Technicians

We deliver powerful & practical solutions for wireless handheld computer support and repairs
at iTEK Scan Again, our technicians are fully trained to repair customer equipment down to
component level. iTEK Scan Again technicians have the alternatives to find the best solution
to repair client assets.

Our resourcefulness in this task is unique; allowing us to deliver powerful, yet practical solutions
for wireless handheld computer repairs.

  • We have electronic engineers among our technical group
  • Collaboration through Internet Conferencing ™, Electronic Microscope Image Transfer ™
  • Use current ROHS testing equipment and software
  • Technicians are technical school trained
  • Work in an electrostatic free environment to safeguard client assets
  • Have access to parts necessary to repair barcode scanning equipment
  • Quality control starts with each technician on the bench
  • Technicians are trained regularly on new methods and techniques

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