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Our Green Policy

We have the opportunity to make this world a greener place. The choices we make today will determine whether or not a more sustainable environment will be there for future generations. It starts with every individual, every company.


At iTEK Scan Again our company truly is a green company. Our business model is truly in tune with the environment.

The 3 R’s We Believe In:


  • Every day we reduce the electronic components in circulation in the industry by taking older equipment and reusing the parts that are perfectly good instead of throwing the units away


  • iTEK Scan Again has the technical expertise and personnel to implement testing, repair and refurbishment programs per customer requirement
  • Assets managed by iTEK Scan Again can be re-deployed in as is, repaired or refurbished condition
  • Our experienced staff maximizes the return to our customers on the remarketing and resale of assets. Our extensive customer base provides opportunities to move larger volumes of equipment worldwide at market prices
  • Join our reverse logistic program to maximize the value of used assets


  • iTEK Scan Again has a dedicated battery recycling program. Batteries of all kinds contain various chemicals to make them last longer and the chemical can be toxic
  • At iTEK Scan Again we are members of the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC)
  • iTEK Scan Again will recycle your exhausted rechargeable batteries for FREE. We have a reputable and environmentally proven system for recycling old batteries. Simply contact us and we will dispose of your old batteries for you

The 3 R’s benefit both the economy AND the environment and what benefits the economy and environment benefits all of US!

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